• Each well provides a reliable source of fresh, safe water for drinking, cooking and cleaning for up to 100 people
  • Help us save lives, stop the spread of infections and improve health

The 2011 East African drought placed thousands of the Somali population in famine through rendering them unable to irrigate crops or maintain livestock, the widespread agricultural failure the drought gave rise to leaving many with neither livelihood nor food. As a result millions of people have been forced to give up their homes and travel across bleak terrain in search of food and safe water in overcrowded and inhospitable camps, leading to disease and widespread poverty across the Horn of Africa.

Increasing access to water of a proper quality: Lack of access to safe water is a striking feature in almost all parts of Somalia. Only 30% of Somalis have access to safe water (20% in the worst-affected areas of the south) and this increases the risk of outbreaks of waterborne diseases. Cholera is endemic and claims hundreds of lives annually, particularly in densely populated areas. Increasing access to safe water must also be accompanied by efforts to ensure the quality of drinking water.

Our progress so far…

Driven by the aim to tackle Somalia’s chronic water shortage HADA is working hard to widen access to protected shallow wells in various regions of rural areas – ensuring access to safe and sanitary water for hundreds of households.

  • One well costs just £3,000, including all construction and development costs
  • Each well provides a reliable source of fresh, safe water for drinking, cooking and cleaning
  • The wells have been significant in halting the spread of infection and improving general health
  • Agriculture will gradually revive across rural areas through providing livestock and arable farming communities the means to tend to animals and land

We not only focus on establishing wells in the right locations to ensure maximum benefits for those most in need, but also work with local Somali communities to teach people how to maintain wells, ensuring water sources are available for years to come.
Whilst much progress has been made there is still a long way to go before the Somalia’s water crisis is controlled.

Groundwater Wells: Safe water to support life
Target: Groundwater wells across Somalia.
Cost: £3,000 each
No. of people: 15 households or 100 people per well.