We believe in the power of communities coming together, taking the lead and finding solutions to their own problems. Weather these problems are due inner city poverty and lack of investment or in the developing world teetering on the edge due to climate change and conflict.

Although we welcome people of different backgrounds, our work focuses on working with the Somali community in the UK and Somalia/land.

Community Led Action (formerly HADA- Horn of Africa Development Association) is registered with the the Charity commission for England and wales (1116838) and is registered also with the Companies House registration as a non profit entity  (8721164).


Community Led Action is non-political, non-religious, non-racial, and non-profit-making UK charity organisation devoted to make a positive lasting change in the lives and livelihoods of Somali communities in the UK and Somalia/land.


our vision is a world where communities are united in purpose leading healthy and prosperous lives.


Our mission for United Kingdom programming:

Is to help our community to lead healthy and prosperous lives through supporting and removing barriers to adequate access to local government and non governmental services at the point of need.

Our mission for Somalia/land programming:

Is to support community recovery from climate change shocks and civil conflict to becoming resilient and self sustaining. We do this through community based projects including access to basic health and psycho-social support, Water sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) and livelihood.

Membership and affiliation