Our work in the UK

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the extent of deep systemic discrimination and the multiple barriers that effects the health and welfare of ethnic minorities on daily basis. However for certain minorities such as the Somali community that come from war torn countries the impact of these barriers and deep rooted discrimination is even worse.

Emergency Food bank referrals

No one should be in a state unable to access food that is safe and nutritious at the point of need. Unfortunately we know this happens. In fact we are seeing more and more cases of food security issues in our communities for a number of reasons, including relationship breakdown, loss of work, mental and […]

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‘One stop shop’ information,advice & guidance (IAG)

The Somali community is largely made of current and former refugees. Coupled with the fact the are also an ethnic minority presents a unique challenge to adequately access basic and vital services. community led action is compromised of people from the very communities we serve, and so we are familiar, face and ethnic background to […]

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